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pics from wolv acoustic gig

PostPosted: 8th Jul 06, 22:46
by sarahdragonstar
Just wanted to say it was a great gig from what I can remember as was a bit drunk by the end. The support was very good too, I thought Superreal pulled off their first acoustic set despite them protesting otherwise and I was well impressed with Chris Catalyst.

Also wanted to say thank you to those people who let me sneak in front of them towards the end to take some pictures (two of which are below - if i can work out how to do it as never done it before) and sorry to everyone if my incredibly bright flash annoyed you.

I will try and send some pics into the website (also got some good ones at the sonic circus Dudley JB's gig) once I sort out the red eye on them - kinda tells me flash very bright - sorry everyone!.

luv sarah xxx