I have tried to be good about ths but...

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I have tried to be good about ths but...

Postby Sammy » 10th Apr 06, 22:36

I have just about had enough...I retract my earlier statement made in the free speech topic


I had sat and been nothing but nice but I need to voice some shite after the bombardment of crap Ive had today...just to make a few things clear

The people whos posts I took down were perfectly right in all they said. Although I will not go into why I parted ways with Ginger I can tell you all I have no respect for that man right now. Although I disagree with voicing crap in public what they said was completely justified I just feel all of that was voiced in the wrong place. The people involved in the US shows feel used...I understand the feeling and can echo their thoughts right now.

I have no want to work with Ginger EVER again. And after the amount of crap this place is causing I think I may take this site down. As soon as Rick gets back he will be totally in control of this site provided I don't remove it first as this message board is causing more harm than good.

STOP MAILING ME ASKING WHY I LEFT PLEASE! I have no want to discuss this matter and as soon as every things sorted I have no want to hear that mans name ever again.

I stick by what I said amount him being a very talented writer and you guys being great. We could not have achieved any of this without you.And I am very proud of what we have achieved together. And the band are the most lovely and talented guys I could ever have wished to have worked with. And the crew ROCK!!!!!!

You all rock...But Ive had enough

this will be the last post I ever make on this site


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