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Valor Del Corazon – slight delay

By Kris | December 20, 2005

There’s been a minor delay to the limited pre-release of Valor Del Corazon; we have a message from Sammy Andrews with all the details:

“Hi everyone,

We’re really sorry about the delay with the album.

Unfortunately it’s out of our hands…Our distributor, Cargo, have not managed to turn it around in time to meet the 19th, due to the Christmas madness we were warned about… but they have assured us it will be out in the next few days and all those that have ordered WILL get their copy, Its just going to be a few days late.

No one will be getting it before anyone else as all shipments to the online stores take place at the same time… So as soon as they get it from the manufacturers, it’ll be sent straight out to you guys.

We’ve done all we can to get this out for Christmas and if there was anything we could do to speed this up we would, but right now its out of our control. I promise you will have it as soon as it’s done.

Just to clear up any confusion about when and where its going to be available from …It will be available online in ltd numbers, till Jan 9th when you will be able to get it from all good record stores.

Thanks for being so patient, I assure you it’s worth the wait!

Sammy Andrews


Additionally, we’ve had a great response to the street team; can anyone whose interested that we haven’t had a chance to reply to yet join the ginger street team group so we can coordinate together?


You’ll get all the up to date info on stuff we need your help and support. Or mail direct at gingerstreetteam@hotmail.co.uk with your area.

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