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Valor Del Corazon – new Ginger album news

By Kris | November 24, 2005

Hey there, been a while I know.

Been waiting for final confirmation of a whole bunch of legal stuff before letting everyone know about the release of Valor Del Corazon.

The release date is set to be January 8th, with a full launch available in HMV stores.

There will be a limited run of 1000 copies available, for die hard supporters of my music, to be released December 19th, again through HMV. This is to thank everyone for being so patient, and supportive throughout the whole year.

To say that I am proud of this album would be to cheapen its profound effect on me. This recording has enabled me to enlist the talents of an amazing array of people, who’s support has made this album possible. This is the most adventurous work of mine so far, as well as the most personal.

Challenges like this come from the least expected of circumstances, and the experience ultimately makes us stronger and our lives richer. To be able to finally make available this most musically challenging and lyrically honest set of songs to you all is the final reward.

And I really hope you enjoy the living fuck out of it!

The album ‘Valor Del Corazon’, will feature 19 brand new songs, and is released through Round Records. Get out there, December 19th, and treat yourself to an early Christmas.

Thank you for your kindness and faith.


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