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John Peel

By Ginger | October 27, 2004

We have a message from Ginger following the sad death of John Peel.

“It with great sorrow that we find out that John Peel is dead.

Without John Peel, music would not have the scope that we all enjoy. He gave meaning to making music as a personal statement. He championed so many great bands that we would never have heard (you have your own, mine is Big Black). He didn’t give a fuck about acceptance, and because of that everyone not only accepted his lead but embraced it. Now Radio One is officially shit. It is a truly sad day. It feels like a really individual friend has gone and there is no one like him to go to. The world of music will never be as exciting and intriguing without him. The original maverick has gone, and everyone out there (yeah, you) should put their balls on the line like he did, in everything that you do.. He showed that there is nothing to fear in being an individual. Remember this for the rest of your lives.”

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