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Ginger Says – Bush has the bombs, but Britain has the balls

By Ginger | February 18, 2003

Peace protests in London. Photo © Andy Laithwaite - www.stopwar.org.ukAnyone that attended the ‘anti-war’ march, or stopped by Hyde Park on Sat 15th of Feb 2003 will have been witness to the biggest celebration of action in the history of public demand.

Gathered in what seemed to be below freezing conditions an estimated 1 1/2million (the organisers even claimed there to be more like 2 million… hey, there were enough people there!) all claimed the right to an opinion in thename of World Peace.

Not as shouted at the TV by a dull and glibly accepting pro-war public, ordrunkenly babbled around a pub table as the chatter of buffoons claiming itwould ‘spice up the telly’. People of every colour, social standing andcultural background actually did something. Got off their apathetic Britisharses and actually stood for something. And these were only the ones thatCOULD make it to the rally.

Even Jesse Jackson flew in to be there.

It was life affirming. Literally.

So there, descended upon Tony Blair’s pro-war policies, and his allegiance tohis new American pen-pal, was a potential threat of 2 to 3 million votesagainst him in the next General Election. Guaranteed defeat if he decides notto listen to their voices. The voices of his people.

A minority in terms, but a huge fucking majority in passion.Just how passionate a turn out do you think would have attended a Pro-Warmarch? Do you really think it would have gone as smoothly, and without asingle violent incident like this one?And does Blair want the votes of the drooling, pro-violent idiots thatsupport Bush, to taint his golden boy reputation?

No. The minority has already won.

Every single person with a mind, a family and the hope of a future is againstthe war with Iraq.

The same thing happened, albeit on a much smaller scale, with the lastWildhearts single. The passionate minority charged while the lazy majoritytypically sat back and waited to be told what to do. Like I said in the lastintro, we (we, that’s people like you and me) can do anything. Even stop aWorld War. Tony Blair has got to listen to his people – and countries such asGermany, France, Belgium, China and Russia – and stop the attack. Act againstPresident Bush (have you noticed how hard it is to say ‘Bush’ without saying’GENOCIDAL CUNT’ instead?), and make political history by having balls the sizeof the turn-out on Saturday Feb 15th.

Or he can keep his cock in Bush.

And if he sides with the US this obviously means that he was planning to moveover there all along as one of Bush’s aides, because he’ll be as welcome overhere as a Ricin store.

Either way… if he is for the war he is against Britain.

So what to do as an alternative to war?

Keeping our right to opinion is paramount. Do not be lead to believe, by anyamount of anti-Iraqi propaganda, that war is the answer. Fight for your rightto protect innocent people from the threat of destruction, both here and inIraq. For every innocent Iraqi citizen that Blair claims has died at the handsof Saddam Hussein, one innocent family will die as a result of US plans toblanket bomb Iraq in a bid to rid the world of Saddam.

Death for death is Bush’s plan, not ours. Not in our name. Not in your name.Before we even think about stopping war in Palestine, and freeingAfghans from camps (both issues that can lead to a peaceful end to warwith Iraq) we must keep up the fight to own our right to an opinion. We mustwork on the governing of our own country. Starting with our Prime Minister.If we don’t get that right first any amount of worldwide political changewill impossible.

Opinions change worlds, and good changes history.Anything you can do to let your opinion be known to Tony Blair, and hissackless ‘Government’, then do it.

Just do it.

Anything you can sign, support or join in to stop war then do it.

If you are not actively against this then you will be actively involved inthe killing of untold innocent families that also do not support SaddamHussein’s tyrannical regime. Saddam has to be brought down, but not at the costof the lives of the innocent. If we let innocent Iraqi families die then weare next.

We are next.

If war breaks out this will be a ten year war fought with the Middle Eastwhere the death toll makes the Second World War look like Sept 11th,2001. We must have peace in the Middle East. This concerns you much more than youthink. This concerns your families, and the children of your children. If weeven get that far.

Do not let America make our mind up for us.
Do not allow the massacre of millions because of the death of thousands onSept 11th.
Do not let Bush allow this to happen. And with the United Nations on our sidehe will be forced to crawl back into the asshole that has kept him safe andsecure, and ineffective, until now.

For war to be declared on another country that country has to fit thefollowing criteria:
They have to have attacked the countries that are declaring war against them.
They have to be a threat to the countries that are declaring war against them.

Iraq is neither.

Their leader is a tyrant who has bought his weapons from America. He’s apsychopath that knows a good gun shop. Where are the best gun shops? America.

Use your mind on this one people, use your mind.
Use your brains. Use your heart
We can do anything. It is true.

Please, please believe it.


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