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By Kris | August 20, 2002

Dear Ginger fans and friends

Forgive us for getting formal for a second – normal service will be resumed in a short while. We just thought that, in the circumstances, we’d at least have a go at poshing up, for we have an ‘official announcement’ to make. And here it is (deep breath)…

We’ll soon be bowing out of the running of this ‘ere web site.

It’s been an amazing three-and-a-half years. Heck, it’s given us enough good memories to last us well into our old age. We’ve met some fantastic people, and been a part of many wonderful happenings. And we’re still huge fans of everything Ginger’s done, and continues to do. But, we feel, the time has come to move on. We’ve taken this thing as far as we can. It’s now time for someone else to have a crack.

We ‘tendered our resignation’ last Tuesday, and Ginger has been very cool and supportive – it’s a totally amicable split, and big hugs have been exchanged all round. Like us, he’s looking forward to some new opportunities.

We’ve waited a week before making an announcement, as we wanted to put a plan of action into place so as not to worry you good folks. Rest assured, Ginger will continue to have an official web site. And the current site will be maintained and updated right up until the day when the new one opens.

In a quest to find a replacement webmaster, Ginger will be accepting applications. If you fancy it, and think you have what it takes to oversee Ginger’s online presence (and do be aware that there’s more to it than just updating a web site – think ‘fan club manager’ and you’re not far off), here’s what you’ll need to do:

The application process will probably take a good few weeks, so please be patient. We’ll make sure that everyone who applies gets a response when a decision has been made (and Ginger will be making the final decision, so bribing us won’t work!).

We’ll also be cashing in our chips with regard to The Wildhearts Mailing List. Six years on from its creation, we’re both very proud of everything that the ‘LiST’ has achieved. It’s jam-packed with cool people – people who’ve done some amazing and very worthy things over the years. But again, the time is right for us to move on. We’ve been focusing so much of our energy and so many of our thoughts in one place for so long that, well, we’re knackered, to be honest!

The good news is, the Mailing List will be getting two new moderators in the form of Jason and Trudi Knight – yup, another married team who met through a shared love of The Wildhearts! These are good, even-handed people who know their onions, having been around from pretty much the beginning. So please give ’em a warm welcome to the moderators’ bench, and treat ’em well. We expect the hand-over will be sorted out within a few days.

And that’s it. Thanks to everyone who’s supported us, and to Ginger for giving us the opportunity to make a little dent in his world. He’s made a heck of a dent in ours.

Lots of love –

Darren and Tara

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