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Ginger Says – It’s impossible to predict how things are going to go with The Wildhearts, but this time we mean it

By Ginger | March 8, 2002

Wildhearts Monsters by Simon CourtneySeems like an awful long time since the last time I wrote one of these. Man, so much has happened that it’s difficult to start at the beginning. So I won’t. The following events come to you in glorious random-vision.

Speaking of Random, he’s undergone some major surgery and is still recuperating. Wish him all the best, will ya? If you send all your support to the usual address, I’ll make sure he gets it. He’ll be over the moon, and you know he deserves it. A nicer man has yet to be administered into hospital.

Ever moved house? It fucking sucks and swallows on the first date. In fact, I’m sure the only reason we do it is because of the ‘tight shoe syndrome’ – it feels so damn good when it’s over that it’s almost worth the grief (and yes, that was a capital ‘almost’). Still, buying somewhere sure beats putting money into a landlord’s pocket without the basic right to hammer a nail into a wall. And hammering nails into walls rocks. My house looks like the guy from Hellraiser’s face. And I’ve got an office. Just off the bedroom. Full of stuff you’ve given me. Wanted one for years. Thought you’d wanna know!

Jake is a man now. Almost talking. He’s a real Daddy’s boy, too. Man, kids make life so interesting that I can’t believe I spent so many years alone. Those of you with children know what I mean, and the rest of you will find out one day. Really, you should. I went out to see ‘A’ play last night and saw a good few faces wearing the same expression that I used to wear: one of acceptance; even, dare I say, complacency – the kind of look that comes when you’re figuring out your next move. Kids already do that for you.

And speaking of ‘A’, how ace is seeing a hard working band get a decent break? It looks like British rock music is set to be the new black. Which is great timing, since The Wildhearts are just about to dip a tentative baseball boot in the studio to record some new songs. The plan was to put out four new songs, but that seems impossible, especially when CJ’s on overdrive. The guy’s writing a new song every couple of days – completed and fully demo’d up. It’s a sunny day when I’ve got to keep up with someone else’s output. And I love a challenge, especially when it’s from a band-mate.

So, the EP has turned into a mini-album featuring seven brand new offerings. And you’d best believe me when I say it’s gonna put a big dump of happiness into the toilet we affectionately call radio. CJ just sent me another new one today. The fucking thing has about four minutes of riffs in the middle. Should be able to bump that up to eight minutes when the guys get hold of it.

It’s impossible to predict how things are going to go with The Wildhearts, but this time we mean it. And that should be enough for anyone, even the few people out there that think that putting the band back together is ‘floundering’ in some way. Hard work will win out as it always does. And trust me, 12 dates back to back with no days off is hard work, in anyone’s book. If I can believe in it this much then you sure can!

That’s not to say that SG5 are in any difficulty. Far from it. I feel like I have a sonic mistress in the shape of that band. And when we get together the sparks certainly fly from all four codpieces – so much so, in fact, that those same sparks have been known to set fire to top rock venues in the name of rock ‘n’ roll. We all love a bit of pyro mayhem to wash down those jagged riffs. And you know I’m right. Expect more fire and brimstone at some point this year.

I’ve fallen out with a few friends since we last spoke. It’s weird when someone decides that they don’t want to be your mate any more and you can’t really figure out why. I guess some people just like to make life hard for themselves. I’m an old pro at losing people. It never gets easier, but it sure saves money on birthday presents.

Spike Milligan died. Funny, I just never thought he would.

Life is sweet at the moment. OK, so it gets tough every so often, but isn’t that the way you appreciate a bit of levity? Like Winston Churchill once said, “when you are going through Hell, just keep walking.” And that, my friends, is exactly what we do. Never give in. Never surrender.

See you all in April when we take these new songs on the road to test them in front of the toughest jury in the world: the fans. And you’ve never lied to me yet, right? I look forward to hearing what you think.

Excited? Join the queue – the big one, next to the tiny one talking about not being as excited as they were ten years ago. I suppose not everyone can stay young.

Just keep saying this, over and over again: IT’S ALL GOOD! And it will be.


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