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Ginger Says – How to rock and when to roll

By Ginger | February 22, 2001

Ginger by Dave HeulunSo I got pissed off with the way things were run. So I made some changes to the way that things were done (good line, right? OK, you can have it).

I got off Sanctuary management because they were just too big, too blind to the needs of the small guy. A great management company for some people, y’know? Just not for me. Too old fashioned. Times change, and management companies have less and less to do, and more and more to gain. Artists take less maintenance these days, due to the fact that most of them are as fucking boring as waiting for milk to boil on a candle-powered fucking stove. People in bands just tend to be a lot more boring than me. I’ve gotta move on. Gotta make waves… and waves are most definitely what I plan on making.

Over the next 12 months I plan on making up the lost ground that I’ve sacrificed over the last 12 months while I’ve been sitting here waiting for the corporate world to recognise that taste has a place in music. A labour of love and unrecognised ideals… and it fucking sucks. The majors are out. They have no style, they have no substance (Maria McKee cannot get a record deal, in a time where ‘Popstars’ has the media’s undivided attention… this is the truth, people!), and they have no balls. So, what are we to do?

Well, I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna fight. And I am gonna fight with my strongest asset at my disposal. My music.

Things are gonna happen.

There is talk of an acoustic album, recorded back when I played the 12 Bar Club (in Denmark Street, London, WC1), being released in a double CD package to coincide with a spate of acoustic gigs around town(s) to welcome this magnificent affair to the lives of the fortunate. And if that ain’t enough, there’s also talk of another acoustic show to be thrown in the faces of an agreeable audience, sometime in May, to be called something like ‘The International Hillbilly Cousins’. It’s set to feature me and the mighty Jason Ringenberg of the mighty Jason & The Scorchers fame (it’s funny how the people that you most respect seem to take notice of your efforts when you most need them to). This rock ‘n roll lark is definitely linked with a strong karmic- / justice-style theme that goes through every single rock and roll soul living on this here very planet. When the going gets tough the tough get active. And activity is what separates us folk from those big ugly fucking cows we see in every field that houses burgers. Big brown eyes aside, cows taste good but we rooooooool.

I will also (within the next year) attempt the death-defying feat of releasing a single every month (complete with the requisite 2 B-sides… natch!) for the next 12 months until there is enough material to make an album of A-sides at Christmas as a seasonal surprise for those unfortunates that missed the boat first time(s) around.

Then… there is the possibility of SilverGinger 5 recording our next album for Nikki Sixx’s label Americoma, with Nikki Sixx at the very helm of production responsibilities (although mentioning ‘Nikki Sixx’ and ‘responsibilities’ in the same sentence sounds a little ill-informed). This particular boat was meant to float.

Then there is The Wildhearts. Yes, you heard it right… THE WILDHEARTS.

I am so fucking bored with the pussies that constitute our rock ‘n’ roll fraternity these days. The world needs some attitude. The world needs some ugly behaviour. Where have all the bad boys gone?

I went out for a drink with Danny and CJ the other day. It was a usual Wildhearts night out. Danny had a punch up with some guy. I had a punch up with another guy. CJ smiled like a Cheshire cat throughout the proceedings. It struck me how much I had missed the mayhem that always was The Wildhearts. It struck me how much you have missed the mayhem that always was The Wildhearts. So we figured we’d get back together, do some shows and let these new fucking chancers know what rock ‘n’ roll is all about. Now, tell me you couldn’t do with the same dose of real life R’n’R that I could do with? This is serious! We are going to fuck with your world and we are going to do it around June of this year.

When the going gets tough… the tough think ‘fuck this for a lark… I’m off to do something that pisses people off fucking royally’. And in this tight a situation that’s as good a deal as you’re ever gonna need, let alone get.

There will also be a new SilverGinger 5 album out around late summer, or just as soon as someone gets their wallet out and recognises that talent and fun still belong in rock ‘n’ roll. The festivals are going to be full of me. The magazines are gonna be full of me. The radio is even gonna have to submit at some point and be full of me. Fucking me… and why not? Who else is gonna give you your daily dose of drama (sonically speaking, of course)?

Oh my brethren, and sisteren… sistren… sist… fucking chicks, we are going to dance again. We are going to sing again. We will make every night Friday night… unless it is Friday night, in which case we will of course make it a Saturday night. Or something suitable, I’m sure you will agree. Don’t worry, we’ll make it worth your while to leave the house… then you can put a fucking anniversary on the fucker. Needless to say, come summer, we will be having things on a very large platter… and that is all that matters.

Get your tents out, boys and girls, the sun is gonna be be your friend this year. It is all going to happen. Know why? ‘Cos I told you so. And that’s a guarantee. And if I’m wrong? Well, at least it wasn’t a fucking management / record company telling you bullshit now was it? You can always trust a Geordie, right?

Hey, right or fucking wrong you’ll be seeing me.

The future started yesterday.


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